Mayor Gabriel J. Campana, Ed.D.

We have had a working relationship with Sponaugle Construction Services over the past several years, most notably the Downtown Williamsport Entertainment Complex and the River Valley Transit Expansion and Renovations. In all of our dealings we have found Sponaugle Construction Services to be very professional and cooperative.

Mayor Gabriel J. Campana, Ed.D.City of Williamsport

We have worked with Sponaugle on several projects including the Cinema Center in Williamsport, and the Crocker West Buildings in State College. In my experiences with Sponaugle, they have always worked both diligently and professionally.

William G. ErtelR.& J. Ertel, Inc. Mechanical Construction

From concept through construction [Crocker-West Building] I found Sponaugle Construction Services to be professional, thorough and flexible with respect to the many changes inherent in a project of this type. Sponaugle was extremely proactive in terms of cost containment, and brought an expertise to the table which resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings.

Scott A. Smith, P.E.President, Civilsmith

From concept through completion [State College Borough District Magistrate’s Office] we found Sponaugle/Haas to be professional, thorough, and flexible to our needs. The design addressed our space needs and the unique considerations of public access, security, and convenience.

Carmine W. Prestia, Jr.District Justice

[SCS was] very thoughtful regarding the renovation of this building [SoHo Project, York] and how it would be beneficial to York’s revitalization. We would look forward to having the opportunity to work with Sponaugle on future projects.

Lois YatesSecretary/Treasurer, F.W. Behler, Inc.