Sponaugle Construction Services started when Chris Haynes, formerly the co-president of G.R. Sponaugle & Sons, Inc., had the vision to build a construction management company that was client-focused, friendly and capable of producing results, not rhetoric. This is how we ensure success.

When Chris became the President and Owner of Sponaugle Construction Services, he was determined to adhere to the same business principles as his grandfather, G.R. “Barney” Sponaugle, founder of G.R. Sponaugle & Sons, Inc. Barney believed in attention to detail, a profound commitment to the customer, and delivering excellence in everything he did. He was a humble man who truly valued and enjoyed his relationships with his employees and customers.

SCS is a natural extension of Barney Sponaugle’s legacy, as we uphold his timeless values, while incorporating new technologies and methodologies to serve the business community in Central Pennsylvania and beyond. Our ability to retain the time-honored practices of the past, while advancing the services of the future, sets our company apart.

Our Legacy has always been A Generation Ahead.


Sponaugle Construction Services ensures our client’s projects are successful because we:

  • Centralize Accountability

    The Project Manager assigned to a project may draw upon the resources of many qualified SCS professionals but clients have “One Stop Shopping” for accountability.

  • Use an Early Warning System

    We take responsibility for the project from concept through warranty; carefully monitoring all aspects before they become issues, sharing information proactively vs. when it’s convenient. Customers are kept advised on every element of the project.

  • Deliver Results, Not Rhetoric

    After years of experience in the construction industry, we saw the need for a construction company that was easy to do business with from the customer’s perspective and would produce results, not rhetoric.

  • Have Spent a Day in Your Shoes

    Because we are developers, construction managers and owners ourselves, we are sensitive to clients’ financial and market-driven conditions as well as the delicate balance of all elements that make projects successful.

  • Value Time and Money

    We have yet to meet anyone who likes to have either their time or money wasted. Cost and schedules are diligently monitored at all phases with special consideration for cost effectiveness, constructability, life cycle costs and critical path schedule impact.

  • Maintain Subcontractor Relationships

    SCS was born out of a successful subcontracting company. As such, we are uniquely qualified and knowledgeable to handle preconstruction subcontractor activities such as prequalification and bidding.